What is Live Casino?

Live casino is an online version of a real-life gaming establishment where players can connect to a real dealer via video feed and play table games. The games are run using real cards and chips on the croupier’s end and software to make wagers and bets on the player’s end. The games can be accessed from desktop computers and mobile devices. Players can also use chat features to interact with a dealer or croupier, which adds an extra social dimension to the experience.

The first thing that players need to do is to sign up with an online casino. They can do this from the site’s main page or in the casino lobby, which is designed to look like a brick and mortar casino floor. They can then browse the games on offer and choose one to play. The game will be displayed in the same way that they would be displayed on a casino floor and once they have selected the game they can click on it to be taken to the table.

Players should be aware that there can sometimes be a lack of seats at the tables during busy periods. However, most casinos are very good at anticipating this and will try to open new tables as soon as there is enough demand. In some cases, there may be a short wait time while the dealers prepare new tables and the software gets ready to take the player’s bets.

In addition to having live dealers, many online casinos have dedicated a room in their casino for the purpose of hosting their live casino games. This room is often called a studio and it is usually situated somewhere in the building. The room is equipped with various cameras to record the game and a video server which sends the feed to a player’s computer or mobile device. There are also screens which show the game results and betting information.

Generally, a live dealer casino will feature multiple blackjack and roulette tables with multiple bets on each. Depending on the game, players can place bets on individual hands or on specific side bets such as pairs, runs and suited cards. In addition to these, many live dealer casinos will also offer baccarat.

When playing at a live casino, players should be aware that the odds of winning are very similar to those of regular online casino games. However, there is one major difference between the two: live casino games are not rigged by computer programs and are fair to all players. This is why some people prefer to play at a live casino instead of a traditional online casino.