How to Organize Coffee and Lunch Roulettes on Zavvy


Organizing coffee and lunch roulettes can help tear down silos and encourage the exchange of ideas across teams and departments. This is especially important in remote and hybrid work settings, where employees are more likely to feel isolated and burnt out. It can also foster healthy relationships between workers and break down communication barriers that lead to dysfunctional workplace culture.

There are a number of ways to organize coffee and lunch roulettes on Zavvy. The first step is to set up a matched group. Employees will be paired by their titles and department codes on the company’s platform, and they’ll be sent an invitation to join a session.

Once they’re paired, employees will be able to choose a time and date for the event to take place. This can be done from the Messages section of their user profile or from the Settings section under the Activate option on Zavvy’s home screen.

Participants will then be notified of the session through their emails or slack messages. They’ll have the option to invite friends and colleagues to join their group, and they can customize their invitation to include a description of the roulette, an event hashtag, a brief description, a list of topics for discussion, and more.

Roullete is a game of French origin and is played on a traditional roulette table using chips to indicate the bets being made. There are three types of bets: inside, outside, and column.

Inside bets are those that cover six or fewer numbers. These bets pay out at a rate of 35:1 and are the most profitable. In addition, they allow players to make smaller bets without risking too much money if the bet does not win.

Outside bets cover a range of numbers, and these bets pay out at a lower rate. These bets are popular with beginners and novice players because they offer a low house edge and the chance to win big.

There are two main kinds of outside bets on the wheel: straight and split. The straight bet covers a single number, and the split bet covers a pair of numbers. The difference between these two is that the split bet pays out at a rate of 6:1 instead of 3:2. These bets can be combined into sectors, and each sector has different payouts for the same number.