How to Maximize Your Odds of Winning in Blackjack


A basic strategy in blackjack involves calculating the odds of winning with hands over 21. Unlike poker, blackjack has a fixed strategy. If you’re not familiar with this strategy, it essentially involves the drawing of a hand worth more than 21. Here’s how to maximize your odds of winning by understanding the basic blackjack strategy. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can apply them to any game of blackjack. You can even try this strategy while you’re playing a card game at a casino.

Basic strategy

If you’re a new player to blackjack, you should first understand the basics of the game. Blackjack is a simple game in which the player and dealer both have one deck of cards. When it comes to determining your hand value, the basic strategy tells you to check your total and the value of the dealer’s card and the point of intersection. If your hand value is less than the dealer’s, you should stand. You will be paid 1:1 if you win.

Hitting on soft 17

If you’ve ever played blackjack, you know that the house edge goes up a bit when the dealer hits on a soft seventeen. The dealer must hit a soft 17 in order to improve the hand, and it increases by about 0.20%. Some casinos modify the rules to make the house edge as low as possible, which in this case means using fewer decks. If you want to minimize your house edge, you should play in casinos that do not allow the dealer to hit on soft 17.

Splitting pairs

One of the options in blackjack is splitting pairs. While it may sound like an odd move, it can actually be advantageous to the player. The best blackjack strategy involves getting as close to 21 points as possible, while beating the dealer’s total. The ace is worth one point, although a jack or a queen is worth 10 points. This is why professional players follow the recommended blackjack pair splitting matrix. It is important to keep a small amount aside when splitting pairs.

Standing on soft 17

There are two main reasons to double down on soft 17 in blackjack: to increase your money at the table and to lower the house edge. The best way to do this is to look at the dealer’s upcard and channel your inner shark. In essence, you’ll want to attack the dealer’s upcard for the smell of blood. Also, the house advantage increases to less than 5% when the dealer hits soft 17.

Hitting on aces and eights

There are many ways to win at blackjack, but hitting on aces and eights is one of the most popular strategies. By following basic blackjack strategy, you’ll have the best chance of getting a winning hand. You should split aces instead of standing them, since you increase your chances of getting a high card or a 21. Splitting aces is a good option when you’re dealt an ace and eight, but it’s not always a good move. If you’re not sure which strategy is best for you, read on.